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Wiring your barn controller/generator to the BarnTalk system:

We have two dry contact ports inside each BarnTalk gateway. This allows the use of a low voltage wire to hook up other equipment like the barn controller, generators, feed augers, etc.


Quick Resources:


Step 1: Locate the grommet opposite of the 110 volt plug in.

Step 2: Poke or cut a hole through the rubber.

Step 3: Unscrew the Gateway top (6 screws on the face of the Gateway)

Step 4: Look up the user manual that corresponds to the controller, generator, etc. that you are hooking up. You may need to consult an electrician depending on your application

Step 5: Find the common wire and the normally closed wire in the circuit.

Step 6: Wire the common to the comm port and the error wire to the DIN1 port on the gateway.

Step 7: Open the app and see the state it says your wiring is and select to be alarmed opposite of that state.

  • If it currently shows open you would want it to notify you when it is closed or vise versa.

Step 8: You can choose whether to be alerted via app notification or via SMS text & phone call immediately once the state is changed .


Note: You can also use one of our Wireless Dry Contact sensors to monitor this equipment as well. 

If you have any issues or feedback, reach out to our support team via email at support@barntools.com, call/text 515-272-5122, or call Toll Free at 855-580-0058 during the hours of 8am-5pm CST Monday-Friday.