How many sensors can connect to the BarnTalk gateway? How do the sensors work?

Number of sensors that can connect to each Gateway:

  • The BarnTalk can connect up to 24 sensors!
  • A max of 24 indoor temperature sensors, 1 outdoor temperature sensor, 15 humidity sensor, 24 water meters, 24 wireless dry contacts, and 8 BinTalks. Mix and match any of these up to a total of 24 sensors that are customized for your exact operation!

Sensor range to the BarnTalk Gateway:

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    The sensors can reach quite a ways but the BarnTools team recommends a max range of 700ft. However, each medium that the signal has to penetrate weakens it and reduces the range of communication. Per rule of thumb, our system operates relatively low frequencies that penetrate walls made of concrete, wood, and steel with ease but the more obstacles it has to penetrate the weaker the signal will be
  • We recommend a BarnTalk gateway per 2-3 barns, as long as sensors would be within 700ft of the sensor antenna.
  • Pro Tip: Centrally locating your Gateway between your sensor locations will improve overall connectivity. Putting the antenna outside may also help if you are trying to connect multiple barns by decreasing the number of walls the signal must penetrate.

Sensor Battery Life:

  • The BarnTalk sensor battery life expectancy is 2-3 years. However, if your battery does go out, there is no need to worry as the battery is replaceable!

Temp Outdoor

Outdoor Sensors:

  • The plastic body of the sensor is best left indoors as extreme temperatures reduce battery life. 
  • We do offer an outdoor temperature sensor which has a long probe that can be threaded through the barn to the outside!


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