How do the gateway antennas work?

Where is the best place for my antenna? What is the high powered antenna?

1. We offer two BarnTalk antennas with the purchase of a BarnTalk gateway. The antennas are standard as shown below the specs:


Model  BT-HW-02-00
Frequency Range 433MHz, 900-2700MHz
Bandwidth 20-MHz
Gain  5-dBi 
Polarization  Vertical 
Nominal Impedance 50 -?
Connector SMA-J
Antenna Dimension 2.5* 8 inch / 62*206 mm
Cable size 10 ft / 3000 mm
Weight  0.8 lbs / 0.36 kg
Lighting protection DC Ground
Working Temperature -22 F ~ 140 F / -30 C ~ 60 C

Note: The antennas are interchangeable. However, they serve two different purposes. As you'll notice on the gateway labels, one antenna is for connecting your gateway to the cellular network, while the other is used for connecting the LORA network to your sensors.

2. We also, offer a 25 ft cable extension for these antennas.

3. Both antennas should be outside. The cellular antenna needs a clear path to the nearest cell tower. While the sensor antenna needs to be centralized between all sensors. For best results in areas with known poor cellular coverage, mount at the peak of the building, outside (or purchase a high powered antenna).

3. As an alternative, to improve poor cellular connection areas, we offer a High Powered Antenna with a 30 ft cable.

High Power Antenna       High Power Antenna Cable - 30 feet


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