How does my BarnTalk system work?

  • Never fear! We built the BarnTalk system to be used among barn owners, workers, and growers.
  • Every two minutes, the BarnTalk system communicates to the cloud which sends a signal to the BarnTalk App. If the cloud does not hear a response from the BarnTalk system, it is presumed "offline" or malfunctioning. This self-test we call the "Heartbeat."
  • The heartbeat monitors the health of the alarm system looking for many risk factors. It will trigger an 'offline alarm' to the owner if their system doesn't respond or has issues regarding connectivity, battery life, and signal strength. Knowing the system is actively monitoring the barn at all times means growers, barn owners, and workers will always be alerted of all incidents and possible
    If you have any issues or feedback, reach out to our support team via email at or call 515-272-5122 during the hours of 8am-5pm CST Monday-Friday.